Raid Matchmaking Plea

Raid matchmaking destiny reddit, the division 2 lack of matchmaking in first raid is a problem for fans

  1. They're also intentionally not matchmade to ensure the people in them, want to do them.
  2. Follow the instructions below.
  3. But most people dont want to learn anything, they just want instant loot, and dont even try to play this game right.
  4. The game does need more social features.
  5. Shattered throne for wish ender bow need full squad for this!

You can circumvent that to some degree by adding random forum people to your friends list, but that's inconvenient. You need dedication, and dedication is not found in matchmaking. This is a no brainier in my opinion. Do they have some data that inidicates there are enough well populated clans to make this a non-issue?

Destiny s raid matchmaking is working exactly as intended

You need a Hunter to run sword during Crota. Yes, VoG is kinda straightforward for a raid. Enter your gamertag, then select your character.

Raid Matchmaking Plea

This runs directly counter to Bungie's aim of creating a social environment. Some of us actually prefer the challenge of playing with randoms. Anytime I see people post about raids the group fills up fast or no one responds. If I want to attempt a raid I damn well bloody will.

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  • These are the characteristics of those who choose to adopt said characteristics.
  • Coordination is determined by the player.
  • Plus, this badass Raid loot is not so epic anymore because the nerfed Raids are just easy mode, and everyone can get the best Items.

You'd have to account for griefing, idlers, and the fact that there's a lower gate to get in the mode. Please read and follow the instructions provided to complete this process. Nightfall Looking to do nightfall.

Playing with Randoms is more interesting. So it works so well, why we cant use it in Raids? And no, i don't understand. Once you people get matchmaking you'll next be bitching for the raids to be nerfed because your random group of people are getting their asses kicked at the front door. In an age where every industry is moving towards ease of accessibility and convenience, forcing an archaic system of grouping on the player-base is questionable.

Destiny 2 Bungie Says Matchmaking is Incompatible for Us Game Rant

ELI5 How is having matchmaking for Destiny s raids a bad thing

Raid matchmaking would be a trap that lures the average player into a terrible experience. This mirrors how Group Finders work in the games I've played that have them. After that, Crota normal mode could be added for possible matchmaking. Because this people have the will to learn.

The Original Destiny LFG Site

The quote of which you can see at the bottom of this post. After you run it a handful of times, you can go through it with nobody using a mic at all. If they do implement matchmaking, you guys all need to record all your raids so I can watch your matchmade groups get through Gorgons.

The subreddit is exploding with conplaints bout this and people wanting to stop playing even though they don't really want to. So, looking across reddit and twitter, interracial dating difficulties it seems the community has some feelings on this. As they are already doing.

Just playing devils advocate here. You seriously dont know what you are asking for. There is no reason match making should not be implemented. In a matchmaking situation you have to anticipate the worst kind of players joining the game.

If it doesn't hinder your experience then shut up. Just my opinion of course. Imagine implementing the kick option and the team kicks every member that doesn't have a G-horn. So I have grown to like the current setup. Post History Loading, friends please wait.

Raid Matchmaking Plea

It would not work, period. No, it would bad to do not have such option. It won't matter to me personally because I'll have plenty of friends to play with, but damn Bungie, you're making harder and harder to play this game. To not have matchmaking is nonsense.

Does leviathan raid have matchmaking - Free Chat

The Division 2 Surprises Players With No 8-Player Raid Matchmaking

Now on halo they had easy normal heroic legendary. Wave, dance, sit, and point. It's not so bad and makes raiding a lot more meaningful. Exotic Quest hunter Shattered Thone Wish ender bow psn invite lfg.

ELI5 How is having matchmaking for Destiny s raids a bad thing

If they're not going to do a match making system that's fine, but they need to have some sort of method to communicate with people besides forums and the app. Maybe you would get lucky and get a group who has some mics. Wow you actually have to make friends? In this case, hookup VoG normal is legacy. Crown of Sorrows I have checkpoint for final boss encounter.

Matchmaking would make it easier for some, and those who don't want to play with randoms could continue to play exclusively with their friends by forming a fire team before hand. At the very least destiny should give you a list of clan members online or let you matchmaker with players who take a test showing they are competent. However, I believe with what I've written out, it would do good in how Destiny stands now. You assume most people still playing Destiny get all the concepts and idea that the raids are mean't to be hard.

We have sent you an e-mail to enable you to verify your email address. But its ok, but what is definitely not ok, dating age range chart is when this mass of people starting screaming for nerfs. Surely they are working on this.

The Division 2 Lack of Matchmaking In First Raid Is a Problem For Fans

Destiny 2 Bungie Says Matchmaking is Incompatible for Us

Raid Matchmaking Plea With the new raid releasing in a couple of days I was very excited to jump in and raid my butt off, only to find out that it doesn't support matchmaking. The zone is empty, so people can hanging around Planetarium and everyone knows, this people looking for Raid. They already have different difficulty levels for raids. Optional matchmaking is a no brainer.

Destiny s raid matchmaking is working exactly as intended - VG

The Division 2 Lack of Matchmaking In First Raid Is a Problem For Fans
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