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These men have difficulty finding a Caucasian woman. And they are now not before. They are searching in Thailand or in the Philippines. Great article it is a lovely place the people are so willing to help.

Your email address will not be published. Today nothing pleasure, na. Cambodia woman will get a job and make her own money if she needs the money.

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Never have I come across such an unabashedly self-professed racist, sexist, white-supremacist. Having a deep conversation about political or philosophical topics is impossible in this country. You can meet a Thai girl in a shopping mall and be sleeping with her on the same day, trust me on this. Please reconsider your word choice, for I believe that you are intellectual enough to stop this offensive over-generalization of yours. Maybe he is not well educated lead him to come up with this insane article.

In fact In Thailand I was never single. Mostly, though, I believe that the man wants leave the country. The cases I have come across are always of the arranged nature, that is, U.

The same site also explores the stigma of psychological problems in Cambodia. When our relative have problem we need to help them. You have been here long enough to know there are boundaries, and insulting the female portion of teh population of your host consistently is over the line. Looks fade and money is just worthless ragstock paper, cultivate compassion and respect for others instead of excessive regard for yourself.

Technorati Add to Technorati Favorites. But at the end of the day we are human first The rest follow second. One of the main reasons why Cambodian women marry white men is so that they can have a half-white baby. How accurate is your generalization, when the chicks you have met are all work at bars or nightclubs? The downside is that she might just see a dollar bill on two legs when she looks at you.

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  1. Getting a laugh from people who enjoy this type of thing.
  2. It will take another generation or two before Cambodians become educated and are able to understand satire.
  3. That jus one side of the story, you will never know until you get to know that person.
  4. Just visiting a restaurant, cafe or bar do not be surprised for the waitress or somebody on the next table to start a conversation with you.
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Most Western men overlook these beautiful traditional women and focus on other countries. All, I can tell that this writer did not have a PhD degree. As far as the drivers license in California they can take it in Khmer, low dating assuming you girl can read that.

Just making things more clear. You need to study more about Cambodia and Khmer people, bwwm dating and please see more value of them. Which women do not want good life and security?

8 Things I love about Cambodian Girls

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  • But smart enough to find many ways to steal from you.
  • And you should be willing to accept the truth that you come to SouthEast Asia for girls because non of the pretty women in your country would look at you.
  • At least the author admits he is shallow, which is more than many bar boys do.
  • People get used face it its all nationalities.
  • Look, we know what you look like.


Their families and friends, possibly career or job, maybe college or a trade and a life and belief system that makes perfect sense if you grew up there, understand and accept this. But the prices are the same. But that would not be fair, it is not coz of me choosing the wrong one that all of them are bad. You should not have said such those words to a whole.

Cambodian women are not the way you think they are. Help them because ask your dad and mom how did they get to America? Florida and she adapted quite well with nary another Cambodian national in sight. Even though she is conservative, she slept with you on the first date. Sadly for you, almost no foreigner is interested in such women.

And it has ruined the reputation of Western men. Only those who are not educated enough, could be easily courted. All in all, it is wise to consider what Gavinmac said about befriending them. General khmer girls shy even talking about sex education.

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About three months ago the house beside mine sold. The economy in Cambodia is on the rise. She will work in the donut shop or prefer to work in the odd job to earn the money in order to send back home some.

You have no magic to live forever. It was a very funny article, cleverly written by a guy who is seemingly beyond any responsibility to what he has written except to further inflame and play to the jokers gallery. Your generalization is just too bad. Give her the feeling that you appreciate her and your relationship.

Hope you grow old and die alone. You go to a country, the onus is on you to adapt to their circumstances and norms to a reasonable amount, not to complain because they do not make a special case for you. That is not fair to the women. Have you been studies about Cambodia culture? Not all, but many do that.

The only Asian online dating site where you can chat with thousands of beautiful Cambodian women is called Asiandating. To whom Cambodian women you have been dating, those considered not true Cambodian at all. If not, you should stick to AsianDating. And forget about marrying a Cambodian woman who has Facebook access.

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Another great piece of writing Gavinmac. They never lasted more than a few months. You are definately a great observer.

And satire is entirely capable of being in poor taste and not funny. But Educated and smart People did survived after the pol pot regime. Probably, you want a cheap price and a poor, uneducated woman yourself. Psychology and whatever this entails, e. And how did you know that you are good in bed?

Not only was your article inaccurate it was hurtful and racist towards Cambodian woman and Cambodian culture. Are you really saying that only Cambodian women use broken English? The idiot who wrote the article is neither knuckle-dragging nor a redneck. Yes, there are some nuggets too.

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But, as it went further I started to get more and more offended by it. Maybe just enjoy it as long as it lasts, but don't despair if it ends. They use Facebook to post about emotions.

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