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Unless you're super careful, expect to lose rings quite often. The scene fades to white just as our hero reaches the end of the corridor and makes a dramatic leap of faith out of the burning space station! Watch for it at the end of the credits. Both routes head in a fairly basic rightward direction, and the water occupies the whole bottom half of both acts.

If you landed on it, hop up to the crumbling ledge on the right, above the curve to resume the level. He isn't spinning in this instance, so you can hit his head twice here, if you can jump into it at the precise moments that he passes by you, on each dash. Then there would be a one week public voting period.

Sonic establishes his controversial gambling problem with the original casino themed level, a classic staple. Bumpers, flippers and blocks are inexplicably arranged high above the buzzing cityscape at night, all playtech casinos and colourful neon lights are everywhere.

The seventh Emerald is acquire through normal gameplay. Beaten in his own factory, the doctor retreats to the skies, but Sonic and Tails give chase in their Tornado bi-plane. How many parts will it have?

Yes, as long as you, the participant, is still the primary mixer on the song. Once he reaches the left side of the screen, a well-executed and -positioned jump will let you bounce on him for four more hits, and down he goes. They then reappear at the front of the screen, and Super Sonic jumps out at us, with a slightly pissed off look about him. Jump around if you like, but stay to as far right or left as possible. Finally, a particularly nasty attack has him throwing out sharp spikes in all directions, at certain times where he's spinning and jumping over you.

When the recruitment period opens, please post a list of five Zone themes you're interested in claiming, in the order of preference. If you have headphones, I recommend you use them for this song.

The doorway opens and he legs it the hell away from you. If you want the rings, there's another red spring on that route above, just to the left. Display as a link instead. Leap over him when he spins across the ground, and stand still in the center, below Eggman's window, when he jumps over you. If you didn't manage to stay on it, and it dropped down to the floor, it's still tall enough for you to leap onto from the ground, and then get up to the ledge from there.

Long stone pillars are in abundance, either holding up some ground above you, or just standing crumbled and broken, and wide waterfalls drop gently into the lake below. Perhaps tedious, but it does allow one to make further attempts at that extra life.

Everywhere around this lake you'll find all sorts of old, crumbling ruins of a forgotten society. However, at the beginning when he is coming down, if you hug the wall without moving backwards, you will touch the spikes and he will kill you. The ground Sonic and Tails stand on is an old, cracked brick pattern of big yellow, orange and grey stones, with grass on top. Sonic and Tails receiving a Chaos Emerald.

Because the arm is withdrawn slightly, it's possible to jump up nice and high, from a fairly close position to him, and hit that chest area. If you picked up Sonic Mania, let me know what you think of it! Similarly, Chop-Chop are blue piranha bots that swim slowly in the water until they see you, at which point they dive in your direction, gnashing madly.

Reply to this topic Start new topic. Avoid being crushed, as before, and be ready to hit the chest again when he lands. But the birds are all pink. Each section of this page allows users to add their own notes to fill in any missing details or supply additional research etc. Put simply, taking as many as one hit per life is not an option here.

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This is quite a unique, interesting structure. These aren't as powerful as regular springs, but can be used to fly across a large distance if you hit them with enough speed, from the left side. Platforms to jump across come in a variety of flavours here. Between each attack he stands still on the side for a couple of seconds before launching into the next one, and this is where you should land most of your hits, one at a time.

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From the top right, something hovers down to the arena - a large grey robot modelled on Sonic! We then go back to the game graphics, and Sonic's still alive as he re-enters the atmosphere, spinning around as he falls. Start at a slow and comfortable speed.

This will cause one randomly selected statue head on that pillar to spurt out an arrow, which lands in the mouth of the bird on the opposite side. When entering them, the playable character will run down an endless, half-pipe highway littered with bombs and hard curves. The previous battle only really relied on sticking to a regular pattern and was mostly more of a test of memory than skill. Then it's on to the fat man himself.

If he's too close, you'll have no choice but to try and leap over them. It's sunset in this grimy refinery, but the thin, suspended paths and surroundings are highly decorated. In my method at least, there are two possible instances where you can hit him, and this is the harder one. The oil occupies the whole bottom of the stage, and its thick properties will act as quicksand, so if you don't jump your way out to a nearby ledge, it'll drag you down and kill you.

Usually having a lot on-screen in any one place, this is a bright, cheerful zone with lots to see. Seriously someone please pick Hilltop Zone. It also included the zone that almost made the cut, Hidden Palace Zone. Along the half-pipe are several Ring formations which the player must collect in certain amounts. Here, the players compete against each other to collect the most Rings in one round.

Stand on the left side of the pillar, spin-dash, and jump just after your character begins to move before he moves off of the pillar. If your song includes vocals, please also send me the lyrics for your song. Super Sonic also has his own ending, if you complete the game having also collected all seven Chaos Emeralds in the Special Stages.

If you miss and the ledge goes down too, you may find yourself a bit stuck. You would still have Green Hill, but in the next round you'd write a new mix combining it together with whatever your new opponent's theme is. Although you mention how to reach the ledge in the alternate text, the method is contrived enough that I think it warrants its own numbered point.

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Otherwise, the player gets rejected from Special Stage. The contributor can be another remixer in the compo, or someone not involved in the compo. Can I collaborate with another ReMixer on one of my songs? No, it just means that that is the Zone theme you'd be remixing with for the entirety of the tournament. They allow access to the very top route.