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Almost complete 78 rpm record dating guide, the almost complete 78 rpm dating guide - dating online

The Guide user interested in Canadian recordings will note that these represent only a smaii fraction of the labels which could be rnvered here. What is known is listed below in the various series known - there may be others. Many early labels, most notably Phantasie Concert, dating in drew from Lyric. The author has not seen any items from the series. The firm was founded as one of the distributors for the North American Phonograph Company.

The almost complete 78 rpm record dating guide ( edition)

It is simply a matter of finding the collector whom the record suits. Both are quite rare and no details are known concerning either. They launched a number of labels, listed below. Many labels used different series for each Language! Other independent labels of all periods are covered insofar as information is available.

Only the popular series and such others for which data is read- ily available are shown following. Most are not covered in the Caide. Limited quantities of records were manufactured during this period as weU. Finally, one word of advice.

The Almost Complete Guide to Dating 78 Rpm Records - AbeBooks

Some are higher priced records, or issues using imported sides, which were issued on special series. Phonola and most other Compo issues duplicate Okeh catalog numbers although Apex deviates later. Some labels, most notably Gilumbia used different nmatrix number sequences for types of material or other purposes. Within a few years vertical recording was a ttiing of the past except for a few special appUcations. Bell sleeves have been seen with the Grant name oUiterated, suggesting either that remaining stock was sold off or that there was an attemp to continue the name.

The Almost Complete 78 Rpm Dating Guide - Dating Online

In fact, it is all but impossible for any reference book to be absolutely complete, cspcially one such as this where, much of the original information is unavailable now if indeed it ever existed. The list above is by no means complete. For the newspaper complete, it is impassible to date such issues, guide for this reason they are included in the list of items dating which the Guide is long minim al value.

Nauck s Vintage Records

The third issue may have supexseded these or may be a separate entity. In Decca negotiated an agreement with the Compo Gmpany q. After July the label name was changed to Okeh but the series continued and earlier records still in the catalog retained their number. When the label was n-vived, most or all of the odd. After First Date Advice Women.

This tried to avoid patent infringement by using an angled cut which supposedly allowed it to play equally well ot poorly on both lateral and vertical machines. However, it appeared that some type of dLx record would be necessary to compete in the industry, and the firm was experimenting Mdth one. Please do not make specific inquiries regarding these projects as not dates are as yet even estimated for them.

  1. Numbers from this period may appear under the Label or in the run-out if they appear at aU.
  2. These were quickly supplanted by inch vertical-cut re.
  3. All carry the same ornate script trade mark.
  4. See the biUio- graphy section fen a oom dete discography of the Qef label and the Cranz Mercury senes.
  5. The records seem to have been issued in two groups, and feature choral singing.
  6. In general, it comprises recordings of rocaL band or instrumental performances of popular songs, although some labels issued other material in such series.

The Almost Complete 78 Rpm Record Dating Guide

The almost complete 78 rpm record dating guide II
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The Almost Complete Guide to Dating 78 Rpm Records

Many records appeal only to a smaU minority of collectors with certain specific interests. This is particularly true of dated records, as those from the mid-depression era are fairly scarce. Many firms set up custom pressing plants, korean hook up where anyone who wanted and many did could have records pressed.

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With phonograph and record sales at their highest point ever, numerous firms entered the record business, with varying degrees of success. At the end of the war, the gramophone and record industry boomed, as it did in North America, and new companies entered the market At this point a number of the new independent firms in the U. See single-faced issues for pre numbers. They were sold in very limited quantities.

The almost complete 78 rpm record dating guide
Full text of The almost complete 78 rpm record dating guide (II)
  • They seem to relate to the.
  • It is not known if this was one series and if all numbers were used.
  • The credits include six companies, none of whose names indicate any connection with the record indastry.
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If so, it is almost certainly a client label Grey Gull ilobe. Another related category, although not private records, are the almost pressed by the record companies themselves to sir or demonstrate their products. The depression was almost a death blow to the record industry.

Not known if these unknown at diis time. The author would welcome information on any such issues for which it might become available. Noted singer Henry Burr was a part-owner of the firm.

Most of the latter, except fw such Masterworks series for which data is known. Smaller labels generally issued only lighter materiaL usually in their standard see below series. During most of the existence of tlie lal ei if Lew from Victor and Bluebird, primarily the latter. Thus the record indu-stry started. Some use Columbia catalog n umb ers.

The purpose at hand is to make subsequent editions of the Cnide as accurate as is humanly yes, record collectors are human! Cennett also recorded and pressed a number of other labels including ail of the Sears and Roebuck labels q. The abote series was used on Grey Gull and many min or labels.

They are handwritten in the run-out area. London pressed liberty records in Canada - these are listed at left Note that it is not currentiy known if only part of this sequence was used. Restarted for lateral-cut issues. The labels which were in production prior to July, dating farmers are detailed below. Also see Hcdly- wood Hot Shots above.

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The almost complete 78 rpm record dating guide (II)

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