Ac motor capacitor hookup, how to wire a run capacitor to a motor blower & condenser hvac wiring

Blowers & Condensers

This means they will be wired differently in the condenser. As always, we recommend you thoroughly read the instructions that come with the new motor or capacitor to make sure you get it right. We cover those factors in the linked to articles.

The use of compressor start devices results from a need to ensure that a compressor usually air conditioning will start under voltage conditions that are less than ideal. It ended up costing more than if they would have called me in the first place. Anything you would like to say about these photos?

Simple Relay and Hard Start Capacitor Wiring Instructions - Example 1

The wiring for the heat pump condenser fan motor will be slightly different. Single Run Capacitor Wiring Diagram. The air conditioner condenser will usually only run in the summer.

Turn power off and discharge any capacitors before touching anything. It is important to make a proper connection from the wire to the connector and a tight connection from the connector to the capacitor. It is basically self-explanatory. By using this form you agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website.

Ac motor capacitor hookup

Most motors come with clear instructions or a wiring diagram on the side, however, some people still struggle with the wiring part of the motor to the capacitor. The only thing missing from this graphic is the motor rotation wiring which is a yellow and a purple wire that will reverse the direction of the motor depending on what direction is needed. Female terminal connectors may be necessary to make a proper connection to the capacitor from the motor.

Care should be taken to utilize a device that meets the requirements of the job. Visual inspection may reveal it to be bulged, or have a blown out safety plug. Red, dating and black go to a control box. The original text of the compressor diagnosis article had the resistance explanation backwards. Author and others have been zapped!

The text is intended as a reference guide to help building owners operate and maintain their home effectively. Air conditioners and heat pumps are different in certain ways. When a heat pump goes into the defrost cycle the condenser fan motor for the heat pump will shut down.

Electric Motor Starting Capacitor Wiring & Installation

How to Wire a Run Capacitor to a Motor Blower & Condenser HVAC Wiring

With motors and capacitors, this is not always possible. Please read the directions for the new motor and how to wire the run capacitor to the motor. This control board is the defrost control board.

Simple Relay and Hard Start Capacitor Wiring Instructions - Example 2

Field inspection worksheets are included at the back of the volume. Here we will illustrate the proper wiring for a motor to a run capacitor. The condenser fan motors in both are essentially the same except for how they are controlled. Never work on live electrical equipment. To do this you need the proper tools, wire, and wiring accessories.

Of course, I do it all the time and can probably wire a capacitor to a motor in my sleep. Usually connects to R or Run terminal on the Capacitor. Similar starter capacitors are available for air conditioning compressors.


  1. Get as much information as possible especially if you have never done it before.
  2. Make sure you follow the wiring diagram for the heat pump to terminate the new condenser fan motor properly.
  3. Additionally, some motors have more than one speed and will need to be wired properly to achieve the proper speed for the control settings.

The heat pump condenser fan motor will not. Energy Efficiency for Your Home. It may also affect the efficiency of the appliance so it is important to get it right.

Ac motor capacitor hookup

Condenser fan motors and Capacitor wiring

When testing a compressor, one must discharge the capacitor first! The above illustration does not cover every single type of motor wiring available on the market. Upload your photos or documents here! The wiring for the air conditioner condenser fan motor will likely have the black wire noted in the wiring diagram go directly to the compressor contactor.

But there are steps that can help sort out which wires go where. At left is a simple two-terminal run capacitor. This includes connectors that will connect wire to wire and wire to a terminal.

Those who wish to remain anonymous can also do so. See the About the Author page for information about the author of this article. If you want to include a description then do so here.

Usually connects to C or Common terminal on the Capacitor. Bracciano, Goodheart-Willcox Co. The black wire noted in the wiring diagram will likely be terminated on a control board.

Start devices exist in many forms for specific applications. Failure to make a good connection can result in a failed connection and that could cause the motor to burn up. There are important reasons for this that can affect the comfort produced by the appliance. The text above explaining about capacitors was suggested by Mr. Name Enter your name so we can credit you.

Search the InspectApedia website. It is important to get it right to prevent problems including burning up the new motor or even causing a dead short in the wiring and melting the wire. Blower fan motors and other fan motors may have what look like extra wires, not all of which may be in use, depending on the fan speeds required. Some are clockwise and some are counter-clockwise.

Types of Motors

It also controls the condenser fan motor in a heat pump. This enhances and quickens the defrost cycle. You will also want to make sure you use proper wiring methods and make good tight connections. The graphic is a reproduction of a Fasco motor I wired yesterday for a customer.

My first rule of thumb when replacing any part is to try and get an exact replacement part. Motor starting capacitors can hold a charge for days! Fan motor direction reverse to counterclockwise if grounded - connect purple to yellow to reverse. It'll otherwise have enough power stored on it to be at least very painful.

  • Voltage sensing technology that monitors for motor start current sensing devices require internal fuse protection.
  • Most electrical problems in air conditioning systems are in the compressors and their relays or motor overload switches.
  • Also, the capacitor may be defective if the compressor hums but does not start.
  • This is especially true in wiring things especially when you have no experience doing it.
Ac motor capacitor hookup

Condenser fan motors and Capacitor wiring

How to Wire a Run Capacitor to a Motor Blower & Condenser HVAC Wiring

You should see a wiring diagram glued to the inside of the air handler cabinet or to the inside of the blower compartment door. While the heat pump condenser will run in the summer and the winter. As discussed, several options exist in the market to address compressor start concerns.

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